Everyone Has a Life This is Mine
"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."
-Oscar Wilde
List Of Things I’d Like To Change
  • Education System and Curriculum
  • Taxes
  • Food Companies and Laws
  • Preservatives/Health
  • Health Program
  • Economics
  • Gov. Systems/Corruptness
  • Drugs and Alcoholic beverages
  • Laws on specifics
  • Sanitation
  • Media Influences
  • So much MORE!
Chart on Savings

Chart on Savings

If Only I Was President

Everyone talks about how awful the president is and well, some is his fault but not everything is. Honestly I want to become the president because I feel I could handle the crap America is about to turn into and change it for the good. I want children’s education to be number one (create schools and places they won’t turn into dipshits) and make professional sports players or any other just entertainment earn less money. I’d be more government control yes but if I could get the government uncorrupted then have congress and the house of reps. actually agree with me.. I bet I’d be one hell of a woman president. I am a progressive. The progressive movements are my favorite time period in America. I believe drugs and alcohol are ruining humans’ and animals’ lives. Also America is the most racist place in the whole world and the other countries hate us! We really need to work on ourselves instead of the other countries. One problem right now is that the United States government doesn’t have the control to fix everything and people expect them too. I think the media needs to stop influencing the bad on families and people and start influencing the life that us as Americans need to live.

Presidental Race

Today I was watching the Florida Republican Debate on CNN. They were only talking about how Obama wouldn’t be good for America if he was reelected and about how they were going to get into the others countries business when they honestly don’t need to. We need to worry about our own country before we worry about Cuba or Venezuela..

"Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward."
-Victor Kiam

Thinking. The best medicine for yourself. Go and think alone you can forget what put you in that bad mood and maybe discover something new about yourself